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Role Model Management, representing humans since 2014, that is our motto. We are a talent representation agency. Actors, artists, dancers, athletes ... and of all ages, Role Models are role models!

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, for us it is in all people. Beauty has no fees and is more inside than outside. We want to offer you ours and get to know yours.

Since our inception, as a sign of commitment, we have offered our models a free photo renewal service or registration photos. Also, registration and stay in the agency have been and will be free.

We bet on you if you decide to do it for us.


Working nationally and internationally, from Barcelona and with a lot of love. Passionate about cinema, advertising, audiovisual, art ... and proud to be part of this world.


Specialized in diversity. Beyond sizes and stereotypes, we seek souls.

We like the shine in the eyes, regardless of their height and the wide smiles, but also the scars and those wrinkles that explain stories of deep lives.

Nothing can compete with the natural beauty of each one. Nothing.

Attitudes, diverse and unique personalities. You are Role Model!

Close and familiar treatment, very humane. We know all our Barcelona models personally.


New & OLD faces



T: +34 932 693 254

Booking Department:

+34 638 17 29 57


T: +34 932 693 254

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